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Autosub-Long Range - A Deep-Diving Long Range AUV: Nov 2009

Unmanned underwater vehicle for SAMS

Ocean glider launched by SAMS

Autosub6000 Newsletters

NOCS: Autosub6000 Issue: Oct 2009

NOCS: Autosub6000 Issue: Sept 2008

NOCS: Autosub6000 Issue: Oct 2007

New Underwater Vehicles information database

Information about 67 underwater vehicles used in Europe for scientific research has been collected by EurOcean; detailed vehicular descriptions are now being collated. [Source: Marine Scientist, No. 24 2008]

Robot gliders take the ocean's pulse

Robot researchers to study climate change - NOCS research focus in New Scientist - December 2008

Radio Frequency workshop 7 October 2008.

Workshop report held at NOCS involving colleagues from BAS, NOCS, POL, PML, SAMS and SMRU.