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Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative

The Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative (SOFI) provides support of £6.3m for wider involvement in the Oceans 2025 programme. This is primarily achieved through research grants and studentships, including those awarded by the Sustainable Marine Bioresources programme. Details of these SOFI and SMB awards are given in the News Items below for January and May 2008.

Please note that the SOFI fund is now closed.

News Item, May 2008

Research grants awarded under the Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative (SOFI)

SOFI awards totalling £ 3.2m have been made for three small grants and nine standard grants, following international peer review and assessment by a NERC Moderating Panel. As detailed below, a very wide range of topics are covered: these include molecular and genetic studies; land movements affecting relative sea level rise; fault detection in autonomous underwater vehicles; unstructured grid modelling; and an ambitious biogeochemical measurement programme for Oceans 2025 research cruises.

What all awards have in common is that they involve partnerships between university researchers and Oceans 2025 centres, thereby adding value to the programme and complementing the SOFI research studentships. Poster presentations for several of the SOFI research grants will be given at the 2008 Annual Science Meeting for the Oceans 2025 programme.

Further information.

News Item, February 2008

Workshops and events
NERC funds are available through the Oceans 2025 programme and the Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative (SOFI) to assist and stimulate UK-wide engagement in marine environmental research of a strategic nature. Further information.

News Item, January 2008

PhD Studentships
Eleven PhD studentships are available through the Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative [More...]

News Item, January 2008

Sustainable Marine Bioresources
Information about the outcome of the Sustainable Marine Bioresources initiative is now available on the NERC web site. [More...]