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About Oceans 2025

The Oceans 2025 programme, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, is designed by and implemented through seven leading UK marine centres. Oceans 2025 addresses some key challenges that the UK faces as a result of a changing marine environment. It will increase our understanding of the size, nature and impacts of these changes and will:

  • improve our knowledge of how the seas behave, not just now but in the future;
  • help to assess what that might mean for the Earth system and for society;
  • assist in developing sustainable solutions for the management of marine resources for future generations;
  • enhance the research capabilities and facilities available for UK marine science.

The marine centres are working together in coordination and will also be supported by cooperation and input from government bodies, universities and other partners.

Oceans 2025 Executive Board

Each marine centre director is directly responsible for delivering the Oceans 2025 research and work supported by that particular centre. The programme's Executive Board, comprising all seven directors and the Science Coordinator, ensures the overall coordination of the programme and covers strategic planning, programme-wide implementation, data management and knowledge exchange.

Executive Board Terms of Reference Risk register - Cross-programme Risk register - Theme-specific Risk register scale

Programme Advisory Board

The Programme Advisory Board (PAB) met for the first time at the May Annual Science Meeting (ASM) at NOCS. The membership of senior academic, governmental and private sector stakeholders will provide independent advice on the direction of the programme, identifying additional opportunities and enhancing its match with national scientific and policy needs. It is likely that additional members will be appointed in the future.Membership details

Terms of reference


May 2010 meeting

PAB meeting 11-13 May 2010 PAB recommendations 2010 Executive Board responses to PAB recommendations 2010

June 2009 meeting

PAB meeting 1-3 June 2009 Oceans 2025 Executive Board response to PAB recommendations

May 2008 meeting

PAB meeting 28-29 May 2008 PAB recommendations 2008 Oceans 2025 Executive Board response to PAB recommendations